Last year GitHub launched the profile feature. This feature allows GitHub users to create a ReadMe and use it as their profile to display interests, projects, and anything they might deem interesting about them and what they do.

The profile is definitely a feature that you should be using to give your GitHub a boost and to let people know a bit more about yourself, and here is how to do it and a few tips on how to make it better!

First make the profile

Making a profile is pretty simple: create a repository with the same name of your GitHub account, in…

A few months ago when I started my journey into being a developer I used to see those little languages badges on people’s profiles on Github and think they were very cool. But even though I looked the code behind the profiles, the URLs and the page I was completely dumbfounded by how people did those.

One day I found a few of those on a friends profile and I thought that I finally would discover how to do them. …

Tassia Accioly

Web and Game Dev, coder, nerd. Trying to find myself in the code world. Twitter @itsmetherogue

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